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Explanation Letter ~ He went Soft so I slapped him

Explanation Letter -  not an apology - Before May Mattered July 26th 1997Today at work I typed this letter up and sent it to Al. Its an explanation letter really, though I do deny that in the first sentence. It certainly is not a letter of apology. But I had to do something. To feel I have at least a tiny bit of control over the situation. I thought long and hard about whether I should write at the end that he can ring me. But I had to put that option in. I still really like him. It’s so annoying that I want him so much but can’t have him. Virginiaand I are meeting for a drink the day after tomorrow. I will be able to tell her all the details. Janewas asking but I just told her a scaled down version. 
She said, “Oh don’t worry, he’ll be back”.
If she knew I’d hit him she may think differently.

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Here we are - the last day of the February Photofest and I have had such fun posted all the images.

This last photo is hot of the press - I took it this morning, with the threat of snow imminent. I was thinking that Wellies are really perfect for all walks of life. They are great in the rain for splashing around in puddles. In the snow they will grip the ground and with a nice thick pair of socks keep your feet warm and dry. In the mud, which I seem to across a lot, they let you squelch along without worrying you are ruining a nice boot or shoe. The rubber boot is a good life choice ;-)
Day 28 February Photofest ~ Country LifeHere are all my Feb Photofest images in one place


I took this photo a few summers ago and it proved very popular on my main blog.

As it is Tuesday and I usually participate in the #TuesdaySelfie I thought I would put it out again with a different edit.

Day 27 February Photofest ~ Edited Selfie


Lots of beach caves in the Algarve.

Caves for Day 26 of the February Photofest Read my new post on my main site Check out my other Beach Photofest images


My brother-in-law took some photos of my man and me some months ago. He has a good camera but it takes in too much light so they always need to be edited. I found them recently and have played around with them. I may use one next week for Sinful Sunday. In the meantime here is one of me - out and about - with a tree ;-)

Day 25 of February Photofest ~ Tree Take a look at to days Sinful Sunday entry - It is also my Arttwist image.


Most days for me involve wading around in fields thick with mud - it's what I do - So a girl needs a few pairs of wellington boots. This pair is my most comfortable, but sometimes when the weather is really dreadful I wear a more sturdy boot...
Day 24 - dedicated to my trusty Wellington Boot for February Photofest  A reminder of one of my most popular shots from the Moors last year where my bum and wellington boots also figure. My favourite February Photofest shot so far...


Here I am in my wonderful wellies again - although the boots are almost camouflaged by the hedge and grass -and I have thrown in a white shirt too ;-) The hat is one of my many winter trilbys.

We only took this yesterday so its as fresh as the daffodils...

Red Hat for Day 23 of the February Photofest


This is one of my favourite photos taken last September out on the Moors. The original image was published as a Sinful Sunday entry.

I have edited here it to give it  an even more dreamy feel. And of course I am wearing my trusty wellies ;-)

Day 22 - Moors for February Photofest and Throwback Thursday