I first published this photo of my breast as a colour image for Sinful Sunday and received far more comments than normal.

I love how my boob is in focus and the background shimmers as a blur. My nipple is only half in view, though I think this was more an accident rather than a constructive choice.

B&W Edit of my Breast for the February Photofest and #ThrowbackThursday

ThrowbackThursday Breast

Breast February Photofest


Anonymous said…
I think this photo is very unique, creative and artistic. Because you captured only a partial image of your breast, it entices the viewer. And a perfect bokeh background.
- Cat
Anonymous said…
An interesting view. Side boob is always sexy and in portrait mode to boot.

- Elliott
Marie Rebelle said…
Love the curve of your breast :)

Rebel xox
I rem the original f this - I like the b+w edit too x

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