My man loves to play his guitar anywhere. Here he is on the beach recently. It was practically deserted so he didn't have an audience. He does play for at least 2 hours a day so is very accomplished. He has three guitars but we travel with this one as it is the smallest - and the most beautiful to photograph and I think there is nothing quite as sexy as a man who can play the guitar well. They have such exquisitely strong hands!

Guitar outdoors on February Photofest

Man and Guitar


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Guitar February Photofest


Elliott Henry said…
This is a nice portrait. Love the reflection.
Marie Rebelle said…
Lovely image!

Rebel xox
May More said…
Thanks Marie ;-)
SassyCat3000 said…
I was told once, that a true musician takes his instrument anywhere & every where :)
Very beautiful guitar.
Maybe one day I can hear him perform in person :)
Sexilicious Ash said…
Mmmm. I love a man who plays the guitar.