Thursday, 8 February 2018


I adore this faux fur coat. One of my daughters bought it for me a few years ago. It was a mega surprise as I had been out with her just doing the usual girlie stuff of picking out things we like, trying them on - and in my world putting them back on the shelf. This was one of the garments I deliberating upon. Christmas arrived and there it was - for me - a present. Glourious!

Faux Fur in Red for February Photofest and Throwback Thursday

I originally published this in black and white as a selfie on Twitter and in my gallery. So today I thought I would put out the colour version.

faux fur
Faux Fur

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Kilted Wookie said...

It doesn't matter if it is faux or real fur, that is definitely the way that coat should be worn, and ideally with boots too... ;)


Cousin Pons said...

I am fur-mly in favour of this photo. Just beautiful.xx

Annie Savoy said...

The coat and the view are beautiful, I also love the hint of a mirror frame. The whole picture has a delightfully vintage feel

Nero Black said...

I love the pink button on the left (your right). I can imagine the nipple hidden behind it, which is what makes the image so striking. Your breasts are fantastic BTW, and I should know, I've seen plenty.

Elliott Henry said...

So Pretty in Pink!

missy louise said...

lovely in pink

Marie Rebelle said...

mmm I love the colors in this!

Rebel xox

LittleSwitchBitch said...

I love the fur resting against your breast - I can't decide which looks softer to touch - beautiful x

Catherine Martinique said...

Love the color pink. Your coat has a retro look to it, and that is always cool. I agree with Nero...and yes your breast are fantastic!


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