I find bruises and marks left on my body, after sexual activity, very hot.

Often I have looked at bruises or scratches a few days later and the memories of how they occurred seem even more vivid.

When my man and I started our relationship this time - (as opposed to 1997 when we were together a brief time) - I sometimes used to fight against his dominance in bed. This led to some wonderful bruises. One day a very narrow minded friend saw a distinctive finger tip mark on my shoulder and was quite shocked, asking how it happened. I made up a story. She would not have been able to cope with the truth regarding what type of sex I enjoy.

Holiday Bruises on February Photofest


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Bruises February Photofest


Anonymous said…
Very sexy. I’m very difficult to bruise so when I do get a bruise it makes me so happy

Cara T
Anonymous said…
wow - like that!
AtiyaLuv said…
You have such a sexy bottom
Eliott Henry said…
Ditto, AtiyaLuv...

Anonymous said…
Nice...yes sometimes it is so much fun playing rough, but there are some times I just wanna hit him back LOL.
- Cat