Monday, 19 February 2018


Last year I entered this photo for Sinful Sunday under the prompt of Fluids. My man and I had such fun getting the shot and played around with other clothes and liquid scenarios. Most of the images have sat on my computer, not quite good enough to publish for Sinful Sunday.

In the photo below he had added something to the water so now as it is pouring on to me it has an almost white appearance. I have attempted to put an edit on this so you can see that effect.

Fluids for Day 19 of February Photofest 


Have a look at yesterdays Photofest image from me

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Fluids February Photofest


Nero Black said...

Ha! You had me fooled, well and truly!!

I saw this image first via your Twitter post on my phone and it had me in quite a lather. I was trying to figure out WTF that was all over you. At first I thought it was cup of water, but then when I looked closer (pinch to zoom) I thought that doesn't look like water! As writers of erotic fiction we've all fallen for the old trope 'a bucketload of cum' at some stage but when I saw this image (and thought I was seeing what I thought I was seeing) I got slightly depressed.

You've blogged before that you're not averse to your man cumming on your face or tits but when I saw this I was like 'Damn! I'm never gonna be able to do THAT!" I'm on my computer now so I can't add the 'tears of laughter' emojis but seriously, I'm PMSL now. You got us good (since I'm not the only one who thought they were seeing something they weren't)!

This deserves a repost on April 1st !!

Nero Black said...

(BTW: it deserves another edit too - your mouth in this pic is amazing. I know you're trying to retain your anonymity by not showing your face [fair enough!] but if there's anyway you can reframe/recrop it with the focus just on that sensual open mouth with those beautiful red lips...??? Mmmm - sexy!)

Cousin Pons said...

Hot summer fun which looks like you have received your cum uppance May. Good frolicking fun.xx


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