Wednesday, 7 February 2018


Well its back to the cold reality of the UK (and work) for me now. No more relaxing on a beach for another eleven months. My legs will be covered in jeans, tights and occasionally stockings or hold-ups!

My man and I have taken loads of photos whilst we have been away. Some will be appearing here or on Sinful Sunday posted on my main blog.

Legs on the Beach on February Photofest

One of my favourite past times has got to be relaxing on the beach with a book - because it is a rare activity - and that precisely was what I was doing when I took this photo.

Legs on the Beach

Two for One - Legs

This photo went down very well on Twitter yesterday as a #Tuesdayselfie - so I thought I would post it here too.

Many seem to find it difficult to comment with blogger. If you want to comment as anonymous, as it's more straightforward, thats fine, you can always type your name within your narrative.

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Legs February Photofest


Catherine Martinique said...

The first photo gives me warm feelings since its freezing here in the midwest. You look so relaxed!
Hot Legs! :)

Mrs Fever said...

I miss the summer sunshine. A beach and a book sounds blissful.

May More said...

Its the three 'B's" ;-)

Nero Black said...

I saw these pics on Twitter and made some grubby comments there, so I shall be more circumspect here. You've got great legs May, and I imagine your feet would be popular with foot fetishists! (but that's not my thing)

Anonymous said...

My clever comment disappeared. What the Hey. EH


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