Saturday, 17 February 2018


There is nothing quite like feeling the sand between your fingers and toes as the sun beats down.

I am definitely someone who likes to be outside. I walk in the woods and fields in the cold, the wet, the snow and the frost. Being outside is such a joy. But when it is sunny and I have the sand beneath my feet, I feel so calm and alive.

Kneeling in the Sand for February Photofest

Kneeling in the Sand

Sand February Photofest


Anonymous said...

I do like this... a lot.

xoxo ~ E

Submiss34f said...

Such a fun pose, and full of potential. Love this image
Missy x

cammies on the floor said...

I love the sand too, and generally feel happier outside. You looks strong and steady in this pose, and sexy with the cleavage reveal

missy louise said...

very nice love the view

Marie Rebelle said...

That is a damn sexy image!

Rebel xox

Nero Black said...

Fun in the sun!

I can just imagine you and your man walking on the beach... realizing the light is perfect... 'drop to your knees!' he orders...



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