Friday, 16 February 2018


Here we have one of the PROWL session images that was not good enough for Sinful Sunday.

I loved the original image so much. Many people commented publicly and privately about it and I really felt that out of all my images PROWL would have been in the Sinful Sunday top 5 - but it was not to be as that week there were so many good entries.

The shot here has not been edited at all - this is the original as it came out of the camera.

Prowl too for February Photofest 

Prowl for Photofest

Thanks to all you photofest commentators! Its difficult on blogger so I really appreciate any replies you manage to put through ;-)

Prowl February Photofest


Kilted Wookie said...

I have yet to see a bad edit of this... 😍


LittleSwitchBitch said...

Hot hot hot - love this, May x

Anonymous said...

This photo, and it's many versions, will be the death of me. A good death to be sure.

His tombstone will read... "Died of exhaustion, due to strenuous exertion."


Marie Rebelle said...


Rebel xox

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous photo. You always look so lovely

Cara T

missy louise said...

lovely breasts


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