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In this image it appears that I am staring at the book case – but actually I am tied to the staircase. I have
never posted this shot. It is a little strange but personally I really like the way my back almost pleats by 
the pressure of my arms being forced behind me.

Books and Pleats February PhotoFest



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February Photofest


Anonymous said…
Adore the look of your skin, interesting photo.
Nero Black said…
And why were you tied to the staircase? Were you a naughty girl? Had you been left there? How long before your Man came back and dealt to you?
Great photo - I can easily imagine you 'writhing in your bonds'...
And I imagine some fun / pleasure was had.
Anonymous said…
Enjoying your Febphotos excellent x lapsedcatholic xx
May More said…
Great to see you ;-)
Wriggly Kitty said…
I loved this image when I saw it on Twitter; now I know the 'back' story (no pun intended, honest, really), I love it even more. And like Nero, I'm curious...
Kilted Wookie said…
I really like this image. I don't know why, but it just connects.

Southern Sir said…
I do like this image as well, your skin with the backdrop of books is stunning.
Anonymous said…
I have to say that those creases on your back are quite sexy, especially with the angle of the image ��

Rebel xox
This is a very erotic photo. It leaves so much to the imagination. And yes your back looks really sexy in this unique pose and i think the angle adds a little something also....
Jade said…
Love this image. I know the causes of those kinds of pleats - the cause of them makes them that much more delicious.

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