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The cast

May (me) – Statuesque babe – natural and slightly quirky looking but with the body of a goddess. Long wavy blond hair; brown eyes; rose bud mouth; long legs; slim hips; fulsome breasts. Intelligent and inquiring though not always accepting. I have just terminated a three year relationship with Seb because I have casually been seeing Al. Not only that, Vic and I have begun to rekindle our physical relationship. He is my best friend and first love.


Jane – Brown medium length hair; hazel eyes; an hour glass figure; a real socialite; fun to be around; very much a gossip but also a loyal friend. Jane has been a good friend of mine for as long as I can remember.



Christine – English rose looks with large blue eyes; thick long black hair; milky skin with freckles; tall and slim with a completely flat chest; Intelligent; well bred and funny. Christine is a relatively new friend. We met a few years before at work. We instantly clicked and have been socialising together ever since. 


 Virginia – Appears larger than life in body and presence; tall; long blond hair; blue eyes; freckles. Born with a silver spoon in her mouth, its removal has left her bitter. I have known and sometimes lived with Virginia for 8 years. She is sly and selfish but can also create – and be - a lot of fun.



Hannah – Medium height and voluptuous; very pretty with long brown hair; freckles; blue eyes; kind; funny and adventurous. Hannah and Virginia are sisters. Hannah is the good witch, Virginia the bad. We have been friends for about 7 years. Hannah is surrounded by a light and illuminates a room by being in it.



The Guys


Seb – Good looking in a shifty way. Long brown hair; muddy green eyes; great smile. Medium height and slim. A definite sociopath before much information about such a personality disorder was known. I nearly married Seb but always knew he was not “the one”. He pursued me and I gave in. We eventually lived together.



Rik – Tallish with short dark hair and deep watchful brown eyes; great mouth and smile; slightly camp. Extremely intelligent and knowledgeable with a sense of humour. He’s an Interesting story teller regarding his variable past. At the point in time when my story begins I have not met Rik.


Al – Very tall; with receding brown hair; glasses; geeky looking; lanky but with a good body; extremely funny; camp and unpredictable. I have just begun to “date” Al. He appears very keen but I can tell there is a hidden side to him. 



Paul – Older; brown hair and eyes; slim; self obsessed and boring. Paul is a friend of Christine’s married boyfriend. We all work for the same company.



Vic – Small but muscled; longish corkscrew curled dark hair; very blue eyes; weak willed but with good intentions; thoughtful and well brought up. Best friends at 13; lovers by 18. We separated at 21 but had always remained very close.

The Cast
Before May Mattered

The photos are not of the real "cast" - they are there to provide a likeness of the people involved.


Nero Black said...

"The photos are not of the real 'cast' "
~ regardless, you're still quite the little hottie aren't you? :P I await further instalments with interest! :D

May More said...

Yeah but I didn't actually realise how hot till few years later - youth you know!

Nero Black said...

I have always been amazed by how many women I've met in my lifetime who've been absolute hotties and yet had no idea. And I don't mean they were centrefold material (but of course *some* were), just 'regular' women who were vibrant and interesting people - which made them sexually attractive too. And yet so many women were so down on themselves, for no good reason - it's such a shame.
And now, instead of freeing young women of the burden of having to conform to the societal norm of what constitutes a sexually desirable person we are instead ensnaring young males in the very same unattainable trap.

May More said...

You make such a good point there - The young men seem to groom now as much as the girls.
I knew I was desirable but i have to say it was actually people who were intimidated by me who tried to put me down - a couple of the cast members from this blog were guilty of that. Their treatment made me question myself. I didn't realise it was happening then, but in hindsight its obvious.
My man is featured here! He actually boosted me up so much at this time and the present time. I


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