Monday, 12 February 2018


I adore boots – I am not even sure how many pairs I have. When I injured my leg 20 months ago I stopped wearing those with heels. Now it is much improved I allow myself that luxury every so often, for a short period. 

I actually have 2 pairs of Wellies

My favourite boots have got to be my wellington boots. That's because I have so much fun when wearing them outside in the woods, or the fields, getting stuck in the mud or splashing around in puddles.

Bare arse and wellies

These black leather boots, seen in yesterdays sinful Sunday shot,  are flat and have a soft faux fur lining – very comfortable for walking around town in the colder months.

Comfortable and Warm

My man likes me to dress up as his slut every so often. On occasions the snake-skin, stiletto heeled boots have aroused his interest, and his cock.

Sex on Legs

Once he agreed to dress up for me – Rocky-Horror style. He has some over the knee riding boots which he wore along with some of my hold-ups and lacy knickers. He looked so hot. When he began to whip me, his cock restrained in a pair of panties, it was a fantasy come true.

I also have some riding boots and some cowboy boots. Both get their share of wear.

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On the Beach Photo
Boots February Photofest


Kilted Wookie said...

A fine selection of footwear, and a great pair of legs to model them... 😉


missy said...

Lovely pictures, lovely boots and lovely legs. missy x

Elliott Henry said...

I love the snakeskin boots and the black ones are pretty sexy, but what really interests me are those cutoffs you are wearing, May. Maybe you could feature a shorts layout.

Rain boots are fun to wear, I took my granddaughter, who is in college, to Nordstrom's to buy some rain boots she needed. Well Nordstrom's should have been the tip off. Hunter rain boots, "But everyone has them, Grandpa". Of course I bought them. They will never see mud.

Mrs Fever said...

I love that your partner dressed up and played Rocky Horror with you!

molly said...

There is nothing quite like a fabulous pair of wellies... although i now realise I forgot to write about my most worn boots of all, my beloved walking boots.


indie said...

Try again! Love your wellies very sexy especially with that short short outfit. I could never wear your snakeskins but they are also fabulous.
I'm getting serious boot envy all round...
Fingers crossed, pressing button now

Indie said...


Catherine Martinique said...

Great shots of you in boots.
And those snake skin boots are bedroom only I assume? ;)

Bee said...

Yay for boots, they’re all so fabulous in their own ways!


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