Wednesday, 14 February 2018


My man is a fantastic cook and we only eat bread made by him.

When it's my birthday, rather than buying me a present, he has been known to write a song for me. Last year he did just that and also made me these two heart shaped rolls.

I thought this photo very apt for todays Valentine February Photofest image.

Heart shaped Rolls

Heart Rolls
Heres a short video of my man kneading bread

My favourite of my Photofest images so far

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heart February Photofest


Lucy Blue said...

I love this! What a sweet gift as well.

Elliott Henry said...

Yes, perfect for today. What a guy, I think you probably deserve everything you get, love to see someone thoughtful.

Catherine Martinique said...

He sounds so thoughtful and sweet.
Freshly baked bread is one of my weakness...mmmmm
I'm sure you both had a wonderful day.

Marie Rebelle said...

Ah sweet!

Rebel xox

Little Switch Bitch said...

That's so frigging cute x

Mrs Fever said...

Very sweet.

A surefire way for a man to get my attention is to cook or bake something especially for me. :)


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