Sunday, 11 February 2018


We took loads of photos recently when we were away. Some strange ones to come. Here I am using a pretty much, standard pose.

Beach-Life, the life for me ~ February Photofest Day 11 

Standard Pose

Many seem to find it difficult to comment with blogger. If you want to comment as anonymous, as it's more straightforward, that's fine, you can always type your name within the narrative, and I really appreciate comments;-)

Take a look at my sinful sunday post 

Beach-life February Photofest


Nero Black said...
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Nero Black said...
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Nero Black said...

Oh you big tease! I can see you're topless under that mesh top but I can't quite make out for sure what's happening down below. I like to think you've got nothing on but I can't be sure. Which is deliberate on your part, right? You minx!
A lovely carefree shot nonetheless

Elliott Henry said...

Fabulous shot! Kudos to the photographer, can't wait to see his other photos, and only heaps of praise for his lovely model. I agree with Nero... Cheeky Minx! (isn't that what you Britts say, Cheeky?)

Catherine Martinique said...

Yep, I agree with both Nero & E ... such a tease and kudos to the photographer ... such a little tease stance lol :)


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