Monday, 8 January 2018

Vic ~ in the spotlight

I have really neglected this blog. Partly because I have so much passion about my main site. But also because I am away and have not bought my old diaries with me. I do intend to get back to it and continue from my last post:

"Its horrid feeling so unsure and doubtful. Where was he last night? Was he out with a “lover”? I must get strong again and fight these feelings. My heart hurts and I want the pain to stop."

but that will not be until February.

One thing that I didn't realise when I started copying them into this blog is that mostly the diaries are describing my feelings surrounding my romantic involvement at that time. Very self centred but I do recall when I began to write them, I made the decision not to talk about the general aspects of my life. I had written diaries for many years and had noticed that looking back on the mundane was tedious. That is why it appears I am not doing much, other than going to work, wittering on and trying to see that certain person. But I was. But back in 1997 I was very much more socially active than I am now.
Vic looked a bit like this

Anyway, I always knew my blogs would cross pollinate, so to speak, and this happened recently in regards to an ex-lover of mine, Vic. He is still a very special person in my world and one of the few people I can tell anything to. He never judges me, always loves and supports me. He's a great guy, but not my man.

Vic and I met when we were 14. He lived down the road from me and we became inseparable friends. We had a Saturday job in the same shop and he bought me my first single rose when I was 16.  By the time the true version of this story happened:

"I moaned and started for the zip on my jeans, making short work of removing them completely. In one movement I straddled him, putting my hands behind his neck and my mouth on his."

we had actually fallen in love. He was not my first boyfriend, Jim was, but I think he was my first love. I don't indicate that in the tale as the whole thing worked better as a more casual fuck. But I was never casual about him. We did cheat on our partners to spend time together, but we felt we came first as we had known each other so long. We eventually got it together monogamously and shared a flat too. That was until this happened:

"I arrived back to my flat the next day before my boyfriend. I could smell Nate all over me so promptly bathed and doused myself with my usual perfume. When Vic came home he slept, having worked all night. When he rose I couldn’t look him in the face."

 and I ruined it all.

We went our separate ways in the romantic sense, but could not resist sleeping with each other now and then. We finally stopped about fifteen years ago and, as I said, we remain friends until this day.

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Cousin Pons said...

Cleverly written insight into your life May. Very tender about you and Vic when young.I wish I had known love as a teenager. CP xx

Marie Rebelle said...

I think it's absolutely beautiful that you can still be friends with Vic :)
Thanks for sharing!

Rebel xox

Jo said...

It's incredible that you can maintain a connection with him after all these years and that you let your relationship naturally change as your needs, wants, and life situations have changed.

Modesty Ablaze said...

Goodness . . . I've just had the most interesting time discovering your "Before's" !!! Amazing co-incidences, similarities, ups and downs! I love it !!!

Wonderful reading . . . and I'm sure I will be coming back and forth now! LOL !!!

Wonderful, wonderful to have discovered your diaries . . . and surely you should be publishing as well !!!

Xxx - K

molly said...

It is lovely that you can still be friends. I have found that to be a rare thing


Cara Thereon said...

At least you’ve managed to remain friends and remember him fondly. My feelings toward my exes are too mixed to ever be labeled as “fond”

Nero Black said...

Another man to be jealous of!!


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