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Games People Play part two

More games people play ~ Before May Mattered

Part one here

games people play part two
No more games


Back at home we put some music on, got ourselves a bandy to drink, and I changed into some shorts – it was a hot evening (and I have great legs...) After a few minutes of chatting I said,

“Oh my back is still a bit sun dry – you can put some cream on it for me,” and promptly went and got some.

I took my top and bra off and he then gave me a full scale back and front massage!
games people play part two
Playing games

Then I returned him the favour and of course that led to kissing.

I certainly wasn't going to initiate anything further because of the dreadful incident that happened all those weeks ago. After a short time of making out – remember I have been topless since the massage – we discarded the rest of out clothes. 

He was rock hard (phew I thought). Pushing me down onto the floor he started fingering me, quite roughly but I can't say I didn't like. One finger entered me, then two, then three. I was wet as hell. All those weeks of masturbating about him.

We were more than carried away and I kept thinking,

“Thank goodness its still hard.”

I touched his cock a bit but didn't want to put him under any pressure.

Intercourse games


Without any to-do he just entered me. No encouragement from me, all his own free-will ;-) He was pumping me very convincingly and asked if he could come in me. My brain just wasn't able to focus on an answer. I didn't know what to say. I was enjoying myself so much so I said nothing. We changed positions - I was now on my knees, doggy style. He was holding on to my hips and shafting me like a proper man! Before I had realised it he had cum – no condoms – what was I thinking? I am not on the pill and don't really know Al's sexual history. I have no idea how safe he is.

No condom


You see I knew he wouldn't have bought any condoms, and actually I did check his jacket pocket whilst he was in the toilet. Of course, I also wondered if using a condom, as we did before, meant the feeling for him was less sensitive. I had it in my head this may have been a factor in him not keeping it up last time. I actually think we both knew we weren't going to use one before we even started making out. Too much was at stake.

Of course, unless I have a STD test, I have now jeopardised my chances of sleeping with Vic – as he can't use condoms – or sleeping with Seb without a condom. Should either chance arise.

Anyway we had successful intercourse. Happy. Maybe the first time he had been worried about coming too soon or living up to expectations? Who knows. I am not sure what to believe. I know I am 8 days into my cycle so it should be OK as far as pregnancy is concerned. Many would call me stupid but it just felt like it was not in my control. The want, the need for it to work, after last time, was stronger than thoughts of safety. I think he felt it too. I have never taken such a sexual risk before – ever.

Games in bed


So then we went to bed. He actually slept. I was too fired up. Next morning I was dozing and he woke me by putting his hand on my pussy. It really did not take me long to orgasm. I then gave him a hand-job, and to my delight it worked!

We got up and had some cereal. It was very relaxed and we arsed around a little. Playing some old music of my Mums. It was time for him to go. I asked in a joking fashion,

“So will I see you before the year 2000?”

He replied that he will call me during the week. Smiled, kissed me lightly on the lips and attempted to drive off. His car wouldn't start so we gave him a jump start from mine.

Verdict ~ good date


It was a good date and I want him more than ever. I have only told Virginia and Christine – I can't face telling the others and then he doesn't ring. Though I have decided, if for some reason he doesn't call, I will try and speak to him the following week and tell him he's a bloody rat bag.. But I really did feel we had reached an understanding of some sort – its difficult to explain, but I just feel good about it. No more games.

The actual intercourse was quite mediocre, to be honest, but I didn't care. I want him no matter what. Although I still have loads of questions about things, I just don't think he will tell me yet, but what can I do? I am hooked, and I hope he rings soon, more than I can say.


Nero Black said...

"The actual intercourse was quite mediocre, to be honest, but I didn't care."

Crushing! Back when I was that age I thought I was so damn good in the sack - now you're suggesting that maybe that's not the case? That the young women I was 'dating' might have been pandering to my male ego? Gah!

May More said...

oh sorry Nero - the point is that it was our first time having intercourse all the way - and things like that get better with knowledge of that person. What i didn't say is that he was so good at all the other stuff that at this point I wasn't going to get picky about the fucking - was just glad we got to do it ;-)

Nero Black said...

Heh heh - I was just teasing. Your joy was apparent in the post and it's a great attitude to have. You were finally fucking the guy you wanted to fuck and weren't hung up on having the stars align, fireworks exploding, and the earth moving - that could come later, hopefully. I wonder how many young women were put off sex because their early experiences weren't what they'd been promised in Cosmo or whatever racey novels they'd been reading in their teen years?


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