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Dirty Sex

Dirty Sex on my Mind - Before May Mattered

Dirty Sex
Dirty Sex

June 1997

After talking to Jane’s sister I tried to sleep. I ended up having quite a restless night going over everything that had happened in my head. I masturbated, reliving Al fondling by breasts, and took the scene further so that in my head he was pounding his cock into me while spanking my arse. That’s the type of sex I want – not polite and not always gentle, dirty sex. In the olden days, with Vic, we could get quite raunchy but not as “bad” as I need – I only get that in my imagination. I drifted into a deeper sleep and woke at ten. Waiting for Vic, I Pottered around congratulating myself about how brave I’d been to tell Seb it was over.

Vic turned up about six with a bottle of wine, which we duly drank. We went out to eat – Indian – he seemed excited about the termination of my relationship with Seb but was clearly apprehensive about my preoccupation with Al - as my excitement regarding seeing Al was apparent. We walked back to my place, very drunk and holding hands. Once back we reminisced somewhat about our past relationship, laughing and fooling around in general.We began to kiss. I was feeling very relaxed and pulled my top and bra off. Just like old times, Vic’s eyes came out on stalks, proclaiming he still hadn’t been privy to any boobs better than mine. He spent time caressing them which I enjoyed because of the anticipation of what was coming next, but I didn’t feel as sexually charged as I had when Al had been doing the same thing. 

Pretty soon we were naked on my bed and leisurely had intercourse. It was ok; well I mean it was familiar in a comforting sort of way. Consequently, I didn’t find it greatly exciting. But it was certainly the best sex I’ve had in a while, as that element of my relationship with Seb had dwindled drastically. He seemed to view me as a dirty bitch because of my past (which I wish I’d never told him about) - I think he was also slightly intimidated by my sexuality. 

Getting back to Vic and me; after the sex, we promptly fell asleep. I woke at five and suddenly had a gut feeling that Seb would turn up early. Much to his annoyance, I woke Vic up and made him go and sleep in the spare room. This was just as well as my intuition was correct and Seb came round at eight. He said he was collecting some of his stuff but it was obvious he was checking up on me. Still, I am glad he didn’t find me in bed with Vic - that would really have been rubbing salt into the wound.

Once Seb had gone Vic said, “Phew, that was a close one”. 

I made some toast and after some chit-chat, Vic left too. He needed to get back to work. I have to admit that once all alone I felt a bit lost. I started analysing too many things in my head. Seb’s Mum called and was very reasonable. She said to pop over and see her whenever I wanted. 

That same evening I met Jane at the Gym and we did our usual workout and had a bottle of lager after. We gossiped about Al and made arrangements to go away together to the coast next month. I’m really looking forward to it. 

Luckily I was so tired that I slept well that night. Now I am at work pretending to be writing notes on the plant project, hoping that Al will call so we can meet up again. I can’t stop thinking about him, wondering what his cock’s like and I just know he is into dirty sex too. That’s all for today, must do some work.

PS – I was just about to leave the office when he rang. Fantastic, we are meeting up for a drink on Friday evening. I can’t wait. Think I will wear my gipsy skirt and crop top to really show off my body...
dirty sex
Dirty Sex

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Sweeten Dirty said...

Thank you for pointing me towards your new site! I look forward to reading more.

Nero Black said...

"I just know he is into dirty sex too"
I'd be interested in hearing what you considered 'dirty sex' back in 1997.

May More said...

I was not quite sure but I knew I wanted spanking and certainly wanted to be tied up. This would have to be by someone who desired it - not just doing it to check it out or to cross off their list. That "tamer" lad I mentioned - had a list. It was very amusing. I will write a post about it sometime for my other blog. Anyway he tied me up.It was not remotely sexy though because he was just checking it out.


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