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Date Disaster ~ Stay Calm and Don't Date a Policeman

Date Disaster ~ I am not compatible with policeman ~ Before May Mattered.

Date disaster
Dates Matter!

August 1997
All I seem to do is write about Al, but need to catch up regarding other things that have been going on in my life. Jane and I kept our date with the guys we met when away. 

Picked up in a bar


To recap they picked us up in a bar when we went down to the coast a few weeks ago. They lived locally so took us to a night club. Jane had a bit of a grope and snog with her one. I was not interested at all. Spent most of my time moping about Al. 

A few days after we returned she got a call from them asking if they could come up to us and take us out to dinner. The only positive I could think of was that it would be free food as I certainly wasn't going to pay to be bored by these guys. To be honest I didn't even want to go but as Jane quite liked her one I felt I would be mean to drop out. 

Dressed in suits


They came to Jane's and we all got a taxi to the restaurant so we could drink. As promised they were in suits. Jane looked smart in a dress but I wasn't up for trying to impress. Jeans and blouse for me. Jane said I looked hot anyhow. 

Well I don't think I have ever been out with such a pair of numskulls in my life before this date. Very early in to the evening I felt despair at having to spend more time with them. I tried to keep cheery but it became clear that Jane was feeling the same way as me. We found out they were policeman, and they were typical know it all types, who clearly knew nothing except what had been brainwashed into their thick heads. I can not understand anyone who would voluntarily sign up for an institution like the police or army.

Jane got up to visit the toilets and I joined her. We were in total agreement that we needed to get rid of them, but how as their car was at Jane's and we had all had too much to drink to send them home once back. We decided we would have to play it by ear.

Date Disaster, where we give them the brush off

Date disaster
Date Disaster Ends


Back at Jane's they invited themselves in and it was clear they intended to stay the night. They put some music on and sat down with us. Opening some beer they started to make passes. I was immediately out of my seat. Soon Jane did the same and they started grumbling that they had travelled a long way to see us and expected a little more hospitality. We pretended we needed to be up early in the morning and went to bed in her room – the only bedroom in the flat. 

They then behaved like school boys. Turning the music up loud and generally making as much noise as they could by singing along. Of course we couldn't sleep. We told them to shut up but they continued until they left at about five in the morning.

We slept until midday and then went down her local for brunch and a giggle about the previous evening events. I set of home and then just felt quite depressed really. It had just highlighted even more to me about how much I wanted to see Al. Someone who is alternative, intelligent and just darn sexy. Fuck life's a bitch.


Sweeten Dirty said...

That sounds like a horrible evening. I am so sorry that happened.

Nero Black said...

You're lucky you weren't raped. Some cops tend to have a warped sense of entitlement.


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